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What is the Scarlet Beast?

The Scarlet Beast is a fortitude of hearts and minds that see the world as it is, for the reality that it is. Each of us have the potential to a cross a point of disillusionment with the reality around us and due to this disillusioned sense of perception, act more in congruence with our heart and being given to us by existence.

It is by this disillusionment, as a collective, we can shine a light upon the world as an example of what can be. There is a set of structures and systems within our world today that must exist because people are unaware of their own obstacles that exist in their minds and hearts. Without these system and structures, hatred and fear would overcome what is beautiful and good: collaboration, compassion, harmony, and grace. Although these very systems that hold our societies in check lead to more hatred and fear because their unnatural way causes friction and unrest in the individuals it imposes itself on.

It is the purpose of the Scarlet Beast to enlighten the individual and to bring that individual into a collective of like-minds and hearts. One day soon, Revelation 22 will be with us and a New World Order will come to be as common as the grass.

There are some that wish for a depopulation of our societies, as if so called “chosen ones” are the ones who should move forward carrying the torch of humanity. These people with power, resources and influence move closer every day to this means to an end.

My God is greater than that. My God can find a heart for all of humanity to together as a collective find understanding and disillusionment. There is no curse of being eternally damned in hell, but instead the curse lies on the awakened for the suffering they must entail as they watch their brothers and sisters who cannot comprehend and find themselves in hell on a daily basis.

One man who knows the way can help 20 or 40 or 60 find their way. The Great Awakening does exist and we are going to be the catalyst that brings that to earth until peace and harmony is found everywhere.